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Balada Darah Eksotika (BDE) – (Exotic Blood Ballad)
Balada Darah Eksotika (BDE) – (Exotic Blood Ballad)

Balada Darah Eksotika or BDE serves as both a tribute as well as a suggested alternative to the numerous monumental steel keris sculptures which can be found as large-scale affirmations at national stadiums, roundabouts, intersections and former royal provinces. These monuments, which are either heavily decorated with intricate markings or created using minimalist steel craftsmanship, are usually placed strategically in public spaces to reinforce a sense of belonging as well as to serve as a reminder of our heritage. Balada Darah Eksotika consists of a contemporary Tiang Seri in the form of a hollow plaster Roman Doric column inscribed with the words from the song Mentera Semerah Padi by M. Nasir, two videos positioned on a steelyard balance which imagines political stability, and black roosters as symbols of strength and humility. 

Mixed media and single-channel video
Dimensions variable
Credit Line:
Collection of ILHAM Foundation
© Izat Arif
About Izat Arif

The practice of Izat Arif (b. 1986, Malaysia) combines videos, drawings, and readymade objects into intricately layered installations. His work often conveys an ironic commentary on everyday life and the art ecosystem. He has participated in several group exhibitions including A History of Drawing, Camberwell College of Arts, London, United Kingdom (2018); Malaysia Art: A New Perspective, Richard Koh Fine Art, Singapore (2016); Young Malaysian Artist: New Object(ion) II, Galeri Petronas and Young Contemporaries at National Art  Gallery, both Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2013). Izat Arif is one of the founding members of the collective Malaysian Artist Intention Experiment (MAIX). He was Artist-in-Residence at NTU CCA Singapore from September to December 2018.

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