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City Tales V
City Tales V

This painting depicting men, women, and children in an overcrowded boat is a personal response to the universal crisis experienced by migrants worldwide. Influenced by the media footage in which thousands of Rohingya refugees died on the open seas off Malaysia after being abandoned by human traffickers,the artist attempts to capture their desperation and the human instinct for survival in this work. The painting is titled “City Tales V” as it relates to the untold stories of migrant communities who now make their homes in Malaysian cities.

Oil on linen
122 x 86 cm
Credit Line:
Collection of ILHAM Foundation
© Gan Chin Lee
About Gan Chin Lee

Gan Chin Lee (b. 1977) completed a Diploma in Illustration at One Academy of Communication Design in Malaysia before enrolling at the Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts where he completed a Master’s degree in Fine Art. Upon graduation, he returned home and won the Malaysian Emerging Artist Award in 2009. With consecutive solo exhibitions, the artist has steadily built a portfolio that has cemented his position as a leading figurative painter with leanings towards social realism.