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Spirited 2
Spirited 2

Watercolour on paper
29.7 x 21 cm
Credit Line:
Collection of ILHAM Foundation
© Shaq Koyok
About Shaq Koyok

Shahar a/l Koyok a.k.a. Shaq Koyok (b.1985, Selangor, Malaysia) is a contemporary artist and activist of the indigenous Temuan tribe of Selangor. His art is a reflection of his people and the rainforest in which he grew up. His works, which explore a variety of mediums from contemporary painting to installation art, aim to capture the tensions and pressures faced by the indigenous communities whose lives interact with and pay reverence to the natural environment in a rapidly modernising Malaysian state. Koyok holds an honours degree in Fine Arts from Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), Malaysia. In 2015, Koyok received the Indigenous People Excellence Award by Tourism Selangor. In 2017, he was awarded the Merdeka Award Grant, making him the first Orang Asli to receive this accolade which identifies outstanding young Malaysians, equipping them with opportunities to participate in collaborative projects at internationally-recognised institutions. His work has been shown in the UK, Australia and the USA. He has also been invited as a keynote speaker in conferences in the UK and New Zealand. His first solo exhibition, Land of a Thousand Guilts, was held in 2021 at Richard Koh Fine Art in Kuala Lumpur.