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The Scrotum
The Scrotum

In this provocative work, an elusive figure hides behind sepia-toned shrouds while raising his arm to illustrate part of the male reproductive organ, near the region of his face. The artist employs larger than life proportions and surrealistic imagery as a way to captivate his audience and convey social commentaries on themes of identity and censorship.

Oil and bitumen on canvas
183 x 122 cm
Credit Line:
Collection of ILHAM Foundation
© Hamir Soib
About Hamir Soib

Hamir Soib @ Mohamed (b. 1969, Muar, Johor, Malaysia) is an influential Malaysian contemporary artist. He completed his degree in Fine Arts from MARA Institute of Technology in 1991, and in the early years of his career, worked as a set designer and backdrop painter for local stage and film productions. This became an influence to his later work, as evidenced in his iconic work Pilihan, where dramatic lighting and narrative imagery unfolds on the canvas like an epic screenplay. He was part of the progressive Matahati collective and used his art practice to produce witty responses to the rapid urban, political, and cultural development of the nation. Some of his notable works include: Sepat O Sepat, Auctionland, Wet Cat, Hot Seat and even a traveling work for the luxury brand Louis Vuitton, titled The Box. In 2005, Hamir founded his personal studio Gudang, which also functioned as an exhibition space for his first solo show, Pameran Tunggal. Later, the studio emerged as an alternative art space for independent film production and residency for emerging artists. 

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