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Storm Rider
Storm Rider

Mad Anuar Ismail captures the spirit of human resilience in this semi-abstract steel-carved sculpture. The work bears the same name as his Storm Riders series, an extensive collection of pieces that are inspired by memories of the daily lives and hardships of the fishermen in his Terengganu hometown. Dramatic and eye-catching, Storm Rider portrays two back-to-back fishermen with raised, triumphant fists on oars as they battle the stormy seas. The emphasis on form in exaggerated symmetry and sharp lines are juxtaposed by softer curves and subtle elements of movement, creating a stark visual effect to tell a tale of heroism and humanity’s ability to overcome adversity. The use of traditional and local motifs adds a distinct Nusantara element and the industrial material of steel reflects the artist’s ongoing negotiation between traditional life and impending modernity.

120 x 134 x 130 cm
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Collection of ILHAM Foundation
© Mad Anuar Ismail
About Mad Anuar Ismail

Mad Anuar Ismail (b.1952) was born in Dungun, Terengganu and was a member of the Anak Alam collective in the 1970s. His works of wood and steel celebrate traditional aesthetics while exploring new perspectives and visual vocabulary. He studied at the Mara Institute of Technology(UiTM), Shah Alam and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Art and Design in 1977. He has participated in numerous exhibitions both in Malaysia and internationally. In 2017, his first solo exhibition entitled ‘Getaran’, organised by Fergana Art was exhibited at White Box, Publika. 

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Learning Section

  • Look carefully at this sculpture. Describe the two figures that you see. What adjectives would you use to describe them? What are they doing? Does it look like hard work? The title of this work is Storm Rider. Does this title help you understand the meaning of the sculpture? What elements of the storm can we see in the sculpture?

  • What size do you think this sculpture is?  What do you think it is made of? How heavy is it?