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Gita of Autumn II
Gita of Autumn II

As Latiff Mohidin is both a prolific artist and poet, it is not surprising that  his Gita series was inspired by the illustrious poet, Rabindranath Tagore whose works Latiff has translated. Latiff’s Gita artworks are divided into four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter suggesting the passage of time. With paintings like Gita Autumn II, the artist demonstrates the human condition in its metaphysical form. The swirling spheres which float and band with one another as their roots trickle to the ground captures how humankind spirals with the earth into an unfathomable, transcending vastness. The earthly is depicted as inextricable from the sublime, while both remain as distinct as the spheres themselves.

Oil on canvas
142.4 x 172.8 cm
Credit Line:
Collection of ILHAM Foundation
© Abdul Latiff Mohidin
About Abdul Latiff Mohidin

Abdul Latiff Mohidin (b. 1941) is a prominent Malaysian modernist artist, writer and poet from Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. As a child he was known as “Wonder Boy” and “the magical boy with the gift in his hands” due to his prodigious talent and early artistic acumen. He completed his primary education at Kota Raja Malay School in Singapore where he also had his first exhibition in 1951. From 1960-1964, Latiff studied art at Hochschule fur Bildende Kunste (Academy of Fine Arts) in Berlin, Germany on a scholarship. A journey across Southeast Asia in 1964 would later inspire an array of esteemed artworks and series which melded his European experience with his cultural identity. His series, Pago-Pago (1960-1969), Mindscape (1973, 1974-1983), Langkawi (1976-1980) and Gelombang (1985-1993) are known for their distinctive representation of culture, nature, the environment and mysticism. His masterful technique and use of dynamic brush strokes, textured oil paint and vibrant colours mark his works with an identifiable Latiff flair. He has exhibited worldwide, including solo exhibitions in Berlin, Frankfurt, Bangkok, Singapore, New Delhi, New York, Sydney, Osaka, Montreal, Manila, Jakarta, Dublin and London to name a few. In 2018, he became the first Southeast Asian artist to be featured at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. The artist now resides in Penang.

Source: Wikipedia

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