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Segerak VI
Segerak VI

The Segerak series is a revisitation of Yusof Ghani’s deep-rooted fascination with the human form and dance, and his life-long pursuit of drawing and depicting momentum onto canvas. However, the series is a more gentle expression of the human form this time, as compared to his previous series of works in Tari (1984-1991). With its expressive brushstrokes, Segerak VI celebrates the beauty of movement; the contours of torsos and limbs melt into one another in a blur. One can almost hear the rhythm they are swaying to.

Oil on canvas
102 x 71 cm
Credit Line:
Collection of ILHAM Foundation
© Yusof Ghani
About Yusof Ghani

Yusof Ghani (b. 1950, Pontian, Johor, Malaysia) is an artist, writer, academic and curator.  In 1979, he received a scholarship to study Graphic Art at George Mason University, USA. He then obtained a Master’s degree at the Catholic University, Washington DC. His thesis focused  on ‘cultural dance’, which was to become a recurring theme in his body of work. Formerly an associate professor at UiTM, Yusof Ghani is considered one of Malaysia’s leading abstract artists. A devout Muslim, his abstract works which have remained rooted in the figurative with his Tari works and portraiture in his Topeng series, raised the interesting debate about figuration and Islam that influenced the themes and aesthetics of Malaysian art in the 80s.

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