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Totems are usually symbolic markers of the spiritual and cultural beliefs of a particular tribe. With Totem, Chun Kai Feng creates a modern totem by stacking concrete benches from Singapore’s Housing Development Board flats, one on top of another. The artist’s practice often employs everyday fixtures from the urban landscape that are familiar to us all, such as benches, railings, trash cans, and cigarette stubs, inviting us to have more active engagement with the public agencies in charge of the design, production, and installation of such objects.

Laminated wood structure
200 x 96 x 48 cm
Credit Line:
Collection of ILHAM Foundation
© Chun Kai Feng
About Chun Kai Feng

Born in Singapore, Chun is an artist, curator, exhibition designer, and educator. He graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and received a Master’s from the Glasgow School of Art, UK. Chun grounds his sculptural and installation modes with industrial techniques and materials. And his practice is premised upon everyday and familiar fixtures from the urban landscape — from benches to trash cans to railings — which he then reimagines. Chun invites audiences to reconsider and take a more active engagement with the public agencies that are in charge of the design, production and installation of these ubiquitous objects. Chun has exhibited extensively in his native Singapore as well as in major cities around the world such as Glasgow, Hong Kong and Berlin. He received the Singapore National Arts Council Young Artist Award in 2015 and has been Artist-in-Residence at Ruangrupa Art Lab, Jakarta, Indonesia and Ateliers Internationaux, Frac des Pays de la Loire, France.